At Trinity Property Group, we have been offering block management services across the UK for over 25 years. We understand that managing an apartment block or housing development brings its own unique challenges. There are many moving parts that need constant attention to ensure residents enjoy a positive living environment. That's why we provide comprehensive block management services to take care of everything. That's why we provide comprehensive block management services to take care of everything, big and small.

Helping You to Keep Things Running Smoothly!

Our day-to-day management covers all the regular jobs needed to keep your block operating properly. This includes:

  • Handling service charges and ground rent collection
  • Paying utility and maintenance bills
  • Organising cleaning, gardening and security
  • Responding to resident queries
  • Ensuring compliance with all regulations
  • Producing annual budgets and accounts
  • Arranging waste collection and recycling
  • Managing staff on site
  • Maintaining communal facilities like gyms or pools
  • Enforcing parking rules and vehicle control
  • Issuing newsletters and updates to residents

With our support, you can relax knowing the essentials are taken care of. Our friendly team aims to provide an efficient, reliable service that creates community spirit.



Units Managed


Residential Developments


Service Charge Funds



Block Management Services - Repairs & Improvements

As part of our service, we coordinate repairs and maintenance to keep your property in good order. When issues arise, we will:

  • Conduct inspections to identify any problems
  • Obtain quotes and instruct contractors
  • Arrange access and provide notice to residents
  • Oversee works and check quality
  • Update records upon completion
  • Coordinate follow-up repairs if necessary

By using reputable contractors, we ensure any repairs are carried out quickly and to a high standard. For major projects, we can manage the entire process - from obtaining tenders to keeping residents informed. Our expertise enables us to handle upgrades smoothly and cost-effectively.



Safety and Compliance

We know health and safety is of paramount importance. We carry out various checks and processes to reduce risks, including:

  • Fire risk assessments
  • Testing alarms, emergency lighting and fire equipment
  • Asbestos surveys
  • Gas, electric and lift inspections
  • Water hygiene monitoring
  • Disability access audits
  • Energy Performance Certificates
  • Legionella risk assessments
  • Emergency and evacuation planning

You can trust us to maintain legal compliance, giving you and clients peace of mind. We will only instruct qualified professionals which helps to ensure high quality work is completed safely. 


Financial Management

Our financial services include:

  • Preparing budgets and schedules
  • Collecting service charges
  • Producing financial statements
  • Advising on sinking fund levels
  • Appointing accountants
  • Recommending insurance policies
  • Providing fee proposals for major works
  • Assisting with tribunal or leasehold issues

We ensure service charges provide value and are allocated properly to maintain your block. Our transparent reporting gives you financial clarity and control.


Meetings and Administration

To facilitate smooth communication, we can organise and attend:

  • AGMs
  • Board meetings
  • Managing agent meetings
  • Committee gatherings
  • Residents' meetings

We also provide administrative support, including:

  • Circulating notices and correspondence
  • Maintaining legal documents
  • Advising on leases
  • Providing an online portal
  • Taking minutes and keeping records
  • Handling Right to Manage applications

Our dedication to governance and administration makes management easier. We aim to increase engagement and transparency.


Our Accreditations

Our partners and colleagues are proudly accredited by relevant industry bodies. This provides reassurance to our clients that we are committed to providing a consistent and high level of service.



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