Running a block of flats or apartments is a big responsibility. There are many moving parts to keep track of and issues that require prompt attention. You want residents to be happy, facilities properly maintained, and regulations followed. But it’s a lot for just a few people to handle, or even one person. Bringing in a professional block management company can make all the difference.

With over 15 years of experience providing block management in Leicester and the surrounding areas, Trinity Property Group has the expertise to take this burden off your shoulders. We act as your partner, handling the day-to-day operations and providing guidance to keep your block running smoothly.


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Leicester Block Management Services

Tailored Services to Meet Your Block’s Specific Needs

No two blocks are exactly alike. We take the time to understand the unique requirements of your property and residents. Then we develop a bespoke block management plan to address them. From resident communications and financial management to maintenance, utilities, and more, we customize our services to your block.

Problems happen when you least expect them. A pipe bursts. The entry system goes down. With Trinity as your block management company, you’re never on your own. Our team is on call to immediately address urgent issues. We troubleshoot and solve problems quickly to minimize disruption for your residents.




Why work with us?

By partnering with an experienced block management company like Trinity, you tap into our cost-saving expertise. We implement financial controls and budgeting strategies tailored for your block’s needs. Our preventative maintenance program reduces emergency repairs. We also leverage our relationships with trusted contractors to get you better rates.

Full Compliance with Regulations and Legislation

Staying current and compliant with changing block management regulations takes constant vigilance. Our team keeps up-to-date on the latest legislation for your area. We make sure your block adheres to all health and safety, accounts, and service charge requirements. Let us handle the complex compliance so you can have peace of mind.



Block Management Features That Make a Difference

Our comprehensive block management services incorporate all aspects of operations, administration, and resident needs so you can set it and forget it. Here are some of the ways we make block management easier:

  • Regular inspections of common areas to identify maintenance needs
  • 24/7 emergency call out service for urgent issues
  • Preferred contractor rates for repairs and projects
  • Assistance with major works and refurbishment planning
  • Support recruiting and overseeing caretakers or cleaners
  • Paying service provider invoices
  • Chasing late payment of service charges
  • Preparing annual service charge budgets
  • Producing quarterly statements of expenditure
  • Arranging building insurance
  • Handling resident queries and complaints
  • Maintaining a resident communication portal
  • Enforcing lease terms and property rules
  • Organizing amenity services like waste collection
  • Ensuring legislative and regulatory compliance
  • Attending AGMs and supporting your Board or RTM Company

With Trinity Property Group as your trusted partner, you can relax knowing your block is in good hands.

Choose Leicester’s Top Block Management Professionals

Don’t settle for just any block management company to care for your valued property. Trinity Property Group consistently delivers:

✔️ First class service and support

✔️ Deep knowledge and experience

✔️ Responsiveness to resolve issues fast

✔️ Cost savings through efficiency

✔️ Comprehensive management strategies

✔️ Full regulatory compliance

✔️ Better quality of life for residents

Since 2008, our innovative solutions and focus on client needs have made us a leading block management company in Leicester. With Trinity as your partner, you can have confidence your block will be managed to the highest standards.

Our Accreditations

Our partners and colleagues are proudly accredited by relevant industry bodies. This provides reassurance to our clients that we are committed to providing a consistent and high level of service.





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Enhance your block management experience today – entrust your investment to the consummate professionals at Trinity Property Group.


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