Software & Technology Strategy

February 13, 2022

At Trinity aligning our property management strategy to meet our customer expectations is evolving all the time.  Over the last twenty-four months a large part of our strategy has incorporated the use of software and technology.

The tech world has been moving at pace for several years, with the property management sector having more product offerings and software solutions to choose from than ever before.
Trinity have partnered with a property software company to provide our residential management and accounting systems from a very early stage.  Their product enables us to manage our developments effectively, with focus on financial management for each client.  Reporting and transparency for our customers, clients and our team is essential, the system provides very clear, concise, and easily understood financial data management enabling us to meet our service responsibilities efficiently and effectively.

Customer choice and expectation has evolved with the constant development of new technology.  The way that we communicate with our customers and how our customers communicate with us has evolved from the tried and trusted method of telephone and email.  

Trinity, recognising that our customers mostly contact us with maintenance issues undertook an exercise to partner with a software provider that could offer a solution to increase the methods available for our customers to report, receive updates and rate works that had been reported. 

Having assessed the products available on the market, Trinity chose to partner with Fixflo.  Fixflo is a fantastic maintenance & asset management system designed to give our customers greater choice in the way they contact us whilst provided the automation of the maintenance journey for any works reported by the customer.  Trinity chose to partner with Fixflo because they provided practical solutions that met our needs.  

Our internal teams have greater visibility and management of all maintenance & contract services, our contractors have a dedicated App to receive jobs whilst also enabling them to submit invoices and reports and our customers have a service where they can log into their account and track the issues reported at their building and receive updates as the job progresses.

Externally, Fixflo provided all the functionality we needed, however, from a business perspective we also need to ensure that our data was maintained accurately and our systems working in unison.  Both the team at the property software company and Fixflo worked together so that we could achieve automation of data within both systems, changes made in one system had to be replicated in the other without the need to do everything twice.  The automated interaction between the systems has streamlined several our processes allowing us to achieve our objective of provided greater choice for our customers and enhanced reporting for our teams.

Our Property Manager team have also benefitted from the introduction of our Site Inspection App over the last 18 months.  Recognising the need to make our site inspection process more effective and efficient for our Property Managers.

Trinity reviewed the market and chose to partner with KPR (Keystone Property Reports).  Our property Managers can complete their site inspection on a dedicated App.  The report is produced with our Trinity branding allowing for reports to be produced for our customers and clients easily. 

Another key benefit of the KPR software is achieved by the integration with Fixflo.  Our Property Manager whilst completing their inspection can note a repair required within the report, select a contractor, and sync the issue to our Fixflo system.  This ensures that works are picked up quickly by our customer support team and a work order raised for the contractor to attend the works.  All without the need to record the issue in multiple systems.

Whilst most of our software strategy is aligned to our customers, we have also implemented software solution to enhance our internal operations.  Our New Business team have a dedicated lead management and proposal CRM system.  We have partnered with an external Mailing House to undertake all our post functions.

We have recently completed a project to move our IT infrastructure into a cloud solution with real time replication to ensure our teams can work agile, giving our teams the flexibility to work remotely without disrupting the service for our clients and customers has ensured that Trinity have operated business as usual throughout the pandemic.

But we are not stopping there, we are constantly assessing the software solutions being introduced to market.  Now is the time to assess the impact of software for our industry, there is a lot more that can be done to enhance the services we provide by embracing technology.

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