Software & Technology Strategy

February 13, 2022

At Trinity aligning our property management strategy to meet our customer expectations is evolving all the time.  Over the last twenty-four months a large part of our strategy has incorporated the use of software and technology.

Major Works: Definition & Process

February 13, 2022

Major works are defined within Section 20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 (amended within the 2002 Act) and are normally major “one-off” works or maintenance, repair or improvements.

Onsite Facilities

February 24, 2022

Trinity has gained considerable experience over the last 23 years managing a vast array of assets, ranging from swimming pools to vehicle lifts, but all share compliance and maintenance requirements. 

Advice: Jonathan Smith - Trinity Estates

February 24, 2022

Trinity is a privately owned company that has built a financially solid foundation on which to grow. We have an enviable reputation with the majority of the country’s leading developers and we continue to be selected to manage completed developments which are becoming increasingly complex.

Exciting News

July 15, 2022

Trinity is delighted to announce they have joined The Odevo Group.  Click on the picture to the left to find out more.


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